Our main objective is to work in partnership to develop the resources that will enable more people to have the opportunity to experience and participate in theatre and arts. 

On 5 June 2014, Theatre and Arts Reading CIC Executive publicly launched a vision for a new performance and exhibition space in Reading and is seeking development partners to take its plans forward.

The Executive has been seeking a unique site of both local and national significance, with easy access to public transport and car parking, a key destination for residents and visitors to Reading.

Melvin Benn, Chairman of Theatre & Arts Reading CIC said ‘A new theatre designed for purpose will help ensure Reading obtains national recognition as an outstanding cultural hub at the heart of the Thames Valley’.

The draft Reading Culture and Heritage Strategy 2015-2030 has this as its vision: “By 2030, Reading will be recognised as a centre of creativity with a reputation for cultural and heritage excellence at a regional, national and international level with increased engagement across the town.”


Please see our news page and press page for the latest developments.


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